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Gathering of Nations Buffet

Gathering of Nations Buffet

Inn of the Mountain Gods is a resort and casino located in Mescalero, NM which is just outside of Ruidoso, NM. There are great outdoor activities for the family or a small getaway. They are also very well known for having great concerts. Click HERE for the entire review!

287 Carrizo Canyon Rd, Mescalero, NM 88340


Value: The brunch buffet which runs from 10:30 – 3:30pm was $17.99 for an adult and $13.99 for children. If you have a child 2 years and under you won’t pay for them.

Taste: I was disappointed with the food. The taste was ok but what disappointed me was the freshness of the food. When I served myself scrambled eggs I didn’t notice the dryness of them. When I took a bite, I had to spit it out because it felt as if it was sitting there for 2 hours. Very unacceptable.

Presentation: The buffet included Asian, Mexican, Italian and classic American cuisine. All were displayed very well and clean but the food felt as if it was sitting out there for a while.

Vibe: The vibe was ok, I’ve been to buffets where the vibe was so much better for a lot less cost.

Accessibility: I live in El Paso so I did have to go out of my way to go to this restaurant. The restaurant is located inside Inn of the Mountain Gods which is a resort located in Mescalero, NM. Once you’re in the city, you can’t miss it.

Review – Gathering of Nations Review

Early Sunday morning and my mom had the brightest idea of going to Ruidoso for the day. It is only a two hour drive. It was my day off and I had nothing else to do so I said “LETS GO”! We left El Paso around 8:40am and arrived at 10:30am. We parked, went inside and found ‘Gathering of Nations Buffet’. I was super stoked because for one, I love buffets and two I love brunch! So a brunch buffet was so awesome!

$17.99 for an adult and I thought ‘ok not bad’ because the amount of food they offer is massive! We sat down and our server came to take our order for drinks. Coffee and orange juice for me. I went to get a plate to eat and when I came back, No coffee for me, just the juice. Now it wasn’t upset at her forgetting my drink because we are all human. We make mistakes. The upsetting part was she didn’t come back until 15-20 minutes later! Which by the way happened several times. With it also being a buffet, you’d think they would clear off your table promptly but no.


Meanwhile she didn’t come by I was eating my breakfast and if you read my paragraph above, it was not good. The taste was fine but the dryness of the scrambled eggs was completely unacceptable! Bacon was fine but then I bit into my potato hash and again I was disappointed. They potatoes were still raw. I finished what I could because I dislike throwing food away. After I went for a second plate and I went to see the scrambled eggs and still had that crusty dryness all over the top. I thought to myself ‘this is a resort, shouldn’t they take more pride in how their food is served?’

I am not a critic, I’m just a foodie and I love trying new things! This was my experience but go and try them when you’re in town because you’ll probably have a better experience! This is why I rate Gathering of Nations Buffet 3 Bites. The experience for food was not great but the outdoors experience is amazing. There is zip lining and batting cages and also a lake with tons of activities to do. Which means I will try them again soon and maybe even add a blurb of my next experience to this review!

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