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Cazuelas Mexican Grill & Brewery

Cazuelas Mexican Grill & Brewery

Las Cazuelas offers authentic Mexican and New Mexican food at a great price and you get a very healthy portion. Not only that but they also have award winning beers they brew in house! They are a little out of the way but they are worth the trip. Click HERE for the entire review!

4051 Sara Rd, Rio Rancho, NM 87124


Value: I had the breakfast burrito plate which smothers their breakfast burrito with your choice of red or green and you also get a side of beans and rice. The burrito can have sausage, bacon or chorizo. All of this for roughly $8. That’s a pretty darn good deal. Not to mention the burrito was the size of my forearm!!!

Taste: Having visited Cazuelas on several occasions I was expecting the same great taste I’ve always had. This visit didn’t disappoint. The chips were perfectly crispy, the salsa was on point, and the burrito was amazing. The bacon they used was big and crispy the way bacon should be.

Presentation: The plate was appetizing but there wasn’t nothing special about it. A New Mexican smothered burrito is going to look the same just about everywhere you go. The size though…this burrito was huge!!!

Vibe: We, my co-worker and I, were the only ones there. They had just opened about an hour before hand and we may have been the first customers. By the time we were leaving, around 11:30am, more people were coming in for the lunch rush.

Accessibility: Cazuelas Mexican Grill and Brewery is easy to find if you know where you’re going. If not then you won’t see it. Take 528 and then head East on Sara and you’ll find it a block down on the North side.

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Review – Las Cazuelas Review

Don’t you hate when you’ve promised someone a lunch and they won’t let you forget it? Well, that’s the predicament I found myself in on Tuesday. My co-worker was quick to point out that I owed him a lunch as soon as he saw me. Needless to say, today would be the day I would pay up.

We went to a different restaurant, which I’ll review at a later time, but they were closed. My co-worker suggested Cazuelas which was a great suggestion! It’s been at least 5 years since I’ve been to Cazuelas and back then they didn’t have a brewery. A lot has changed during that time which is obvious from the awards they’ve received for their brews!

It was still breakfast time, roughly 1045am, so I figured I’d order the burrito plate which is a smothered burrito (with chorizo, sausage or bacon), beans and rice. It was roughly $8 or so and it was huge!!! In fact, it was so big that I couldn’t finish it. I gave it my best but ultimately I was defeated!!! Take a look at the pic to see that I came close but not close enough.

In any case, we were seated quickly and chips and salsa were brought out pretty fast. The chips were made in house and they were perfectly crispy and salted. The salsa was also amazing. Not a very chunky salsa but it was tasty and it was spicy enough. When I ordered the burrito plate I was asked if I wanted red or green to which I responded green. The server then asked if I wanted the hot green or the mild. I don’t know that I’ve been asked that before. Usually I’m told that either the red, or green, is the hotter that day and then they let me choose. This was the first time in which I was offered a spicy or mild of either red or green. I chose the mild.

It took a few minutes to get our food, especially considering we were the only ones there, but it was worth the wait! The burrito, as I’ve mentioned, was huge! The bacon inside was also very hearty! Big thick pieces that were crisped well.  I enjoyed it from the first bite up until the two bites I shouldn’t have taken. I ended up leaving just a bit behind because it was simply too big of a portion which isn’t something you’ll hear me say very often if at all.

Cazuelas Mexican Grill and Brewery gets 4 Bites from me. The food is great, the prices are also very affordable for the portions you get and it has a great dining area. They are a little harder to find because they aren’t on a main road and we waited a little for our food. If you’re up near Rio Rancho they are worth the visit. Give them a try and see for yourself.

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