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Little Shack

Little Shack

Happy New Year! It is a new year for MORE and TASTIER food! All the holiday festivities and food had me craving something fresh! Little Shack was who we picked for today! Check with us every Tuesday and Thursday to read about which local restaurant we reviewed that day! Click HERE for the entire review!

1355 George Dieter, Suite 104


Value: Taco Tuesday calls for $2 tacos! With the holiday spending and cooking ‘$2 fish tacos was the most beautiful sound I could have heard. They come loaded with cabbage, lettuce, red onion, chopped jalapeños, and tomatoes. They will also ask you if you want sliced avocado added. I obviously said yes.

Taste: Fish tacos aren’t particularly my go-to tacos but we went to Little Shack which is a Mexican seafood restaurant. Usually it’s shrimp and fish ceviche but have you seen the pic i took of the tacos? YUM!

Presentation: Simple presentation with baskets and paper. The food looked appetizing, fresh and colorful.

Vibe: This place is such a great and simple place to eat. The place looks as if you were at a shack by a beach somewhere. Feels sort of a little escape.

Accessibility: They have 3 locations. 2 in the west side and one on the east. They’re all super easy to find.

Review – Little Shack

Holiday festivities are my absolute favorite but it was time to eat something other than tamales and pozole. It was Tuesday, my day off, and my partner was in town. This was the perfect combination to have tacos. Not just any tacos though. $2 fish tacos!

We arrived around noon and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It wasn’t as busy as you’d think being lunch which was good because we were starving. It is a self seating restaurant so just choose where. We chose to sit at the far end table and the server came promptly. I ordered an agua de horchata and boy was that drink good. Creamy, cold, and sweet just the way it should be.


We got complimentary chips and salsa. The salsa tasted like tomato sauce with a kick which I thought was good. After about 10 – 15 minutes we got our plates. The taste was absolutely what I was looking for. Fresh, tasty, and a bit spicy. The tacos had the fried fish but I couldn’t really tell you what kind of fish it was because I don’t think their menu says. On top of the fish was cabbage, lettuce, red onion, chopped jalapeños, tomatoes. They will also ask if you want sliced avocado added. If you’re smart you will say yes. All the ingredients came together to make a well balanced taco especially when you add in some chipotle mayo that the tacos come with.

I have no complaints about anything at Little Shack although there are a few things I would do different. The decor is amazing and the little details really catch my eye. The tile on the bar was my favorite! One thing that bothered me was them having a fan above the bar. Not the best idea to have especially when there is dust collected and if the fan turns on there will be dust everywhere! I’m sure they they probably thought about that, right? Another thing that was kind of annoying was when my partner went to pay, since nobody brought us our check, there were three girls there and not one paid attention. Any who! Check them out and follow them!



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