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Rock N’ Roll Express

Rock N’ Roll Express

Rock N’ Roll is a place not too many people know about but should. Great food and GREAT pricing. It is located near one of the main highways and should be visited at least once!


9521 Alameda Ave, Socorro, TX 79927

Overall Bites:

Value: The size of the burger, the taste, and the price were perfect! $6 and change for the burger and fries, I though it was a great deal!

Taste: This burger was delicious. It had avocado, a hotdog, shredded lettuce, pickles and cheese. It was as if I was in downtown Juarez, Mexico eating at a food stand. Just delicioso.

Presentation: Nothing big on the presentation. A simple red basket, parchment paper on the basket and the burger was also wrapped in it so nothing falls out of the burger. It made for a great experience to not have my burger fall apart.

Vibe: We went around 3 p.m. on a Saturday. from the outside the place looks run down as if they haven’t kept it up but don’t let that fool you from the great taste of food inside. Walking in wasn’t much of an experience. It wasn’t eye opening but people were coming in and out of this place so, like I said, the food was good.

Accessibility: Super easy to find but the traffic on Alameda is horrible. If you’re coming to this place it’s better to take loop 375 and exit Alameda. It’s behind a Walgreens so you’ll see it.

Rock N’ Roll – Review

Saturday afternoon and I needed something to eat. Black Friday weekend had me beat and I wanted something to fulfill whatever craving of food I had. I only had an hour for lunch so I decided to not go far and try Rock N’ Roll. when you pull up to the place you’ll see that it looks a bit rundown but don’t let that fool you. A lot of hole-in-the-wall places can be like that.

When ordering you’ll see that they have many items on the menu. I wanted a flauta plate with rice and beans but she had mentioned that there were no more frijoles (beans). A big bummer so I decided that I wanted a Caldo de Res. Once again I was disappointed because they don’t make Caldo de Res on Saturdays and Sundays. So I went with what I know, a burger and fries. I also ordered a DIET tea because I have to watch my figure ya know but she gave me REGULAR! I’m not really on a diet but the point is she gave me the wrong one.

The Taste

The taste of the burger was phenomenal and the patty looked as if they made it and not prepackaged. I always love when restaurants aren’t lazy to make their own ingredients. Always a total plus in my book! It took about 15 minutes to get our food but as soon as I saw my food I wasn’t disappointed. Taking a bite out of it was the best thing ever. Well seasoned patty, fresh avocado and a buttered bun. What more can you ask for? They also had two types a salsas, a green and a red one. I preferred the green one and instead of using ketchup I used the salsa to dip my fries in. This was a super filling meal.

All in all I give Rock N’ Roll gets 4 Bites! There were only a couple of things I wasn’t fond of which I mentioned above. They also have a line of fillings for the burritos they serve but they weren’t covered which can dry out the fillings and make for a not so good experience. Other than that I highly recommend trying their delicious food!