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The Wild Thaiger – Highly Rated Thai in Phx

The Wild Thaiger – Highly Rated Thai in Phx

Our first review in Phoenix and it couldn’t have been better. The night called for Thai cooking and the Wild Thaiger did not disappoint. It’s been featured on Triple D and is also Zagat rated. We were impressed and are looking forward to going back. Click HERE for the entire review!


Value: Appetizers run about $8 and up with dinners starting around $10 and up. Considering the amount of food you receive, the taste, and the environment, it’s a heck of a deal. You really can’t go wrong.

Taste: I was impressed by the taste. There weren’t any over powering soy sauces here, or any of the sweet sauces to take away from the flavor of the dish. It was just a fresh, well made meal. When good ingredients are used you can taste it and the Wild Thaiger was FRESH!

Presentation: Take a look at the pics and you’ll see how good the food looked. You can have Beef and Broccoli a hundred different times but there is something about it being plated well that simply makes it for a more pleasing dining experience. Nice job, Wild Thaiger!

Vibe: We chose to eat on the patio since it was a somewhat cool Phoenix night and it was amazing. There weren’t too many people and that could have been because it was game 7 of the World Series. There were some here and there and it made for a pleasant experience.

Accessibility: The Wild Thaiger is fairly easy to find. It’s North of McDowell right before you hit Thomas Rd on Central Ave. There is an empty parking lot right beside it but you’ll want to park behind the restaurant instead – there is plenty of space.

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Review – The Wild Thaiger

I was in Phoenix for work with my supervisor when they suggested we get a bite to eat. They suggested this little place that offers some of the best Thai food. My supervisor has a list of restaurants featured on Triple D (Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives) and this was one of them. Although, I’m not sure I’d categorize the Wild Thaiger as either of them.

The night was cool, ok, not quite cool but it wasn’t hot anymore on this particular Phoenix night so we decided to eat on the patio of the Wild Thaiger. We started with some Corn Fritter appetizers and what they call Dragon Eggz (pork, shrimp and crab dumplings). The corn fritter was amazing. Who would have thought that something so simple as fried corn with some sauce could taste so good!?! you could have had these as a snack and made a meal out of them. I had one of the Dragon Eggz, the pork one, and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not much of a Thai guy but the Wild Thaiger was changing my mind.

For dinner I had the Beef and Broccoli. It’s great when you can taste the freshness of the ingredients as I did at the Wild Thaiger. Not only that but the presentation of the meals was amazing. I’m sure we’ve all been to other Asian restaurants where everything is just piled on a plate. Not that there is anything wrong with that, especially when the food tastes good, but there is something about having a well plated meal that makes it more appetizing. Every plate we received looked like it was put together with care and it tasted great too!

Considering the Wild Thaiger has been featured on national TV shows and is Zagat rated they had a lot to live up to and they didn’t disappoint. LocalBite gives the Wild Thaiger 4.5 Bites for a great meal, great presentation, and a great environment. Even though there wasn’t many people it seemed like our servers would take a while to check on us but that didn’t detract from the star of the show which was the food. Don’t take my word for it, go check them out for yourselves.

You can take find them Online or on Facebook.