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WTF Exp!!!

WTF Exp!!!

WTF Exp is quite the Experience! Think a food court in a strip mall with one big eating area. This place definitely has something for the entire family and that isn’t an exaggeration. Visit them today or check out their Social Media pages. Click HERE for the entire review!


Value: I ordered the Neighbor Affair, a full size sandwich, for about $14 with fries. The sandwich was more than filling and the fries…I couldn’t finish them all after I had the sandwich. It was probably a bit more than I would have liked but the portion, and quality, was definitely worth it!

Taste: AMAZING!!! The bread was nice and fluffy but not doughy. The meat was sauteed perfectly and the added cheese and onions completed this Philly Cheesesteak.

Presentation: Simple presentation with baskets and paper. The food looked appetizing and well prepared and that’s what counts.

Vibe: This place is awesome! When you look at the outside it seems like it’s a bunch of restaurants but it’s one ordering area, with several different menus, and then you pick up all your food at one place. Because of the different menus you can find something for the entire family!

Accessibility: Super easy to find and super close to the airport. If you’re flying out of Phoenix then head to airport early so you can grab a bite to eat here. It’s definitely.


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Review – WTF Experience

I’m super excited to write this review. It’s been about a week since I’ve been there and I’m still thinking about it. The sandwich I had was great and so were the fries. What I’m most excited about is the experience!!!

I pulled up to the restaurant, Maryln’s Fish & Chips, and discovered that it’s simply a menu in the WTF Experience. The Experience is 5 different menus all under one roof.

  • WTF! Burgers
  • Philly Affairs
  • Maryln’s Fish & Chips
  • Gyro Wrap
  • POK-U

After looking at the entire menu I changed my mind. Well, actually, the gentleman at the counter recommended I go with a Philly Cheesesteak. Not just any cheesesteak but the Neighbor Affair which includes Ribeye and Pastrami. I asked about the idea for the shop and he said, “the space was open.” Him and his brother had an idea to have a food court type of business in a shopping strip and this one was available and they decided to pour their efforts into a very cool shop!

The outside looks like several shops, the parking lot is tight, but you’ll be able to find a spot. You can go into many different entrances but you order from all the menus at one place. Once you order you can go to the end of the shop to get your drink. That’s where you’ll also find the salad bar if that’s what you ordered. You can also find your toppings for your burgers there.

It only took a few minutes and I got my sandwich. I was huge!!! And even better still is that it was tasty. The bread was soft, not chewy or doughy, and the sandwich super filling! I loved the taste, I loved the portion size (BIG), and it was a bigger portion than I anticipated. I couldn’t finish the steak fries which themselves were super tasty! I’m telling you, this was one heck of a sandwich!!!

The WTF Experience, which you could read more about on their website and find out what they mean by WTF, was amazing. They get 4.5 Bites!!! The food was great, the idea is awesome, the portions were huge too. The only drawback I had was that the dining room needed a bit of attention. The chairs were a bit dirty and some tables were too. Don’t let that distract you from trying them because the food is definitely worth it!!!

Check out their Website, Facebook, and their Instagram.

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